HRBC Camp Regulations

 1.      Everyone is expected to strive to imitate the character of Jesus Christ throughout each moment of our time together.

 2.      Before entering any building, all campers and staff must be checked by the camp nurse for head-lice.

 3.      Everyone staying at camp must be registered, even if only staying one night.

 4.      If anyone has medication of any kind, it must be turned in to the camp nurse/doctor immediately.

 5.      In order to promote Biblical purity and modesty High Rock has the following clothing regulations.

·         Shorts and skirts must come to the top of the knee.  

·         No sleeveless shirts, open sided shirts, spaghetti straps, tank tops, bare midriffs, or see-through tops.

·         No skin tight clothing such as yoga pants or leggings.

 6.      No food is allowed in the cabins. (snakes, mice, rats, etc.)   

 7.      No camper or non-kitchen staff is allowed in the kitchen area at any time. (VHD Regulations)

 8.      No camper may leave during our stay together with anyone other than a parent or guardian without permission from a parent or guardian.  You must let the directors and your counselor know if you leave.

 9.      In order to avoid distraction and enhance Biblical focus High Rock has the following cell phone regulations: 

·         Cell phones will not be allowed for campers during chapel or Bible classes unless instructed by a director.

·         If you choose to bring  a cell phone, High Rock is not liable for the phone, you are responsible for keeping up with it, and you are expected to use it responsibly.

 10.  Help us keep High Rock safe. You should not have any type of weapon except the Sword of the Spirit.

 11.  Absolutely No tobacco, alcohol  or vaping products.  Zero Tolerance!!! We Can Search Bags!

 12.  No camper is to go down to the creek or near the bridge.  You must stay within the boundaries outlined by the directors.

 13.  All campers, and staff are to attend all scheduled events unless excused by the camp nurse or directors.

 14.  Female campers are not allowed in the area of the boys’ cabins, and male campers are not allowed in the girls’ dorm.

 15.  No “Romeo and Juliet”.

 16.  You are expected to abide by all camp rules.  If you do not conduct yourself in a proper Christian manner, the directors have the right to send you home.  If you have any items with you that are inconsistent with the rules, they should be turned in to the directors.