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 Located in the beautiful hills of Scott County, Virginia, High Rock Bible Camp has been serving young people from this region for the last 60 years. Over the years High Rock has seen many improvements and a host of different faces, but one thing that has remained constant is High Rock’s commitment to providing doctrinally sound Bible teaching for young people. We hope that you will take a moment to browse our site. If you would like to donate to camp, be involved during a week of camp, or just find out more information about High Rock, we would love to hear from you! Please, contact us here.

A Brief History of High Rock Bible Camp

High Rock Bible Camp began in 1954 with the same vision as today: to provide a place for christian young people from throughout the Mountain Empire Region to come together for fun, fellowship and Bible learning. The first home for High Rock was in Wytheville, Virginia on property donated by Christians of that area.

High Rock Bible Camp at its location in Wytheville, VA

High Rock Bible Camp at its location in Wytheville, VA

There are many blanks we hope to fill in regarding those earliest days. Some young people, it has been reported, even rode the train to Wytheville for camp. The property also featured a swimming pool, but it was filled with cold mountain water.

Over time the distance to Wytheville proved to be a deterring factor and for several years High Rock Bible Camp operated by using rented facilities. Camp sessions were conducted at Buffalo Mountain Campground (in Johnson City, TN); at Camp Placid (in Blountville, TN); at a campground in Linville, NC and at Hillbrook Christian Camp (in Knoxville, TN). One year a semi-trailer was rented for extra space for the boys. (We promise we won't do that again!)

In 1979 our present property in Scott County, Virginia was discovered. It had been owned and operated by another religious group and negotiations began to purchase 67 acres of land, along with several buildings, tables, chairs, bunks, etc. The purchase was made in 1980 and High Rock had its first camp session the next summer in 1981. At that time, one week of camp was conducted for campers ages 10-18.

In the years since, many improvements have been made to the facilities of High Rock Bible Camp. A two-story wooden building that housed girl campers has been replaced by a safer and more modern structure. Three new boys' cabins replaced older and worn structures and a boys' bath house was built nearby. The chapel and dining hall have been renovated and a recreation pavilion replaced a wooden structure that blew down in the 1990s. Improvements to the plumbing and electricity have also been made.

It would be hard to find a more fitting location for High Rock, as large rock cliffs loom behind the dining hall and boys' cabins. A hiking trail has been established on the property where wildwood flowers and wildlife flourish throughout the woods nearby. God has blessed us with wonderful resources and we hope to continue making improvements in the years to come.

(This history is the creation of one person with about forty years of experience with the camp. We hope you will share your knowledge of the camp's past so we can keep amending this history. If you have photos from years gone by we would love to be able to obtain scanned copies. Help us keep the memories alive.)

Pictures below are from High Rock's first camp session (1981) at our present location!