About Us

Located in the beautiful hills of Scott County, Virginia, High Rock Bible Camp has been serving young people from this region for the last 50 years. Over the years High Rock has seen many improvements and a host of different faces, but one thing that has remained constant is High Rock’s commitment to providing doctrinally sound Bible teaching for young people. We hope that you will take a moment to browse our site. If would like to donate to camp, be involved during a week of camp, or just find out more information about High Rock, we would love to hear from you! Please, contact us here.

Board of Directors

  1. Jerry Lunsford - State Street Church of Christ
  2. Junior Symes - Greenville Church of Christ
  3. Tim Haywood - Elizabethton Church of Christ
  4. Matt Ragan - Elizabethton Church of Christ
  5. Bill Kittrell - Abingdon Church of Christ
  6. Gary Cole - Greenville Church of Christ
  7. Chris Jordan - Elizabethton Church of Christ
  8. Kevin Sigmon - Abingdon Church of Christ
  9. Buddy Morefield - Appalachian Church of Christ
  10. Rick Ragan - Cherokee Church of Christ
  11. Tracy Dugger - Crandull Church of Christ
  12. Tim Hall - Central Church of Christ